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Session_15_Press Release — Curated by FormContent
Annie Davey (UK, 1976), Diego Marcon (IT, 1985), Sophy Nys (BE, 1974), Amalia Pica (AR, 1978).
28th January — 26th February 2011
Opening reception 27th January, 6 – 8 pm

For the first exhibition in 2011 BolteLang invited London-based curatorial group and project space FormContent to curate an exhibition at the gallery.
The exhibition departs from a press release written by Am Nuden Da, a group of artists in London. This is the third project organised by FormContent, offering

a possible interpretation of the following text:

Press Release (Romantically)
Be my encourager.

Let me down for me to restore sense.
Be my denouncer, because all you need do is attempt for me to succumb.
Succumb to the unexpected, to that of delightful bliss, to that of intellectual pursuit, to that of consequence – a consequence that your being commands, one you are obliged to hold.

The objective of this piece of writing is to intro- duce or inform. Inform on matters that you are about to encounter. Matter seems an appropriate place to start, if anything this show is about matter in its entire register.

Material, that which constitutes – there are the obvious or traditional, and then the modern and non- existent. We appear to have found a place where they manage to co-exist, one where they matter less. (Matter exists too here in its negative, the de- of material.)

Subject, that which narrates – persuades the maker to set out on a journey, and also enables the ensuing encounter with a viewer. It will hold several possibilities, yet always find its distinctive voice when met accordingly and given time. (Through the process of recognition – aesthetic

and ethical – a subject is at the same time an individual standing before the work)

Question, that which reasons – query as a means for change, ones personal-political duty.
A phenomenon with effect when posed and appreciated. A philosophical stance we all inhabit, and one for which art is to encourage. (Matters)

As you turn around, and make your way to the back of the gallery, a deliberate obstacle comes
to mind. When contemplated, a sense of confusion and ease gather. The paradoxical nature of experience makes her stumble; luckily she landed yielding.

This exhibition is about the task inherent to the press release. Where does interpretation and engagement with text sit in relation to the experience one has with visual art? How does
a curatorial practice negotiate a pre-existing press release that is handed over to act for a yet non-existent exhibition?

This press release was written by Am Nuden Da.

Session_15_Press Release is curated by FormContent.

51-63 Ridley Road London E8 2NP

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