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Patrick Hari – Several-Ring-Circus
7th February – 15th March 2014
Opening reception 6th February, 6 – 8 pm

Without becoming polemic, Patrick Hari manages to overturn the rules underlying society and life in general, thereby animating the viewer to ask their own questions. Hari’s approach is that of a collector of particles, which in mass reveal movements and trends. His interest lies mainly in the detecting of such patterns. Even if their disclosure is accompanied by quiet critique it is not the artist’s task to deliver answers. He is much more interested in the emerging dialogue, which serves as stimulus for new ideas and questions.

In this sense his practice has a scientific aspect. However, Hari’s science is not just based on facts but also on his observations of human and social doing. His works are often functioning machines, his photographs and drawings reminiscent of the notes and sketches of a professor or inventor.

His oeuvre also includes ‚action’ pieces, which stimulate the audience via various senses, hence provoking it. This process-like facet can be found in singular works. Often such pieces only become complete over a period of time or through the interaction of the audience, which as a social entity is also the subject of his investigations. The artist himself remains in the background. He orchestrates the proceedings, but leaves their outcome open and hence discovers new questions.

Patrick Hari’s practice consists of continuous work cycles, which include various works. The last cycle The Circulating Agent came about during a 12-month stay in Kunming, China. His exhibition Jantar Mantar Several – Ring – Circus shows a section of it. The centrepiece is a wind tunnel with the glue sculptures it produces. New photographic works and drawings on wooden tablets will also be on display.


Patrick Hari was born 1977 in Brazil and lives in Zurich.
2004–8: BA Photography, ZHDK, Zurich, 2006-7: Exchange semester, Central Academy of Visual Arts, Beijing, China, 2003-4: Foundation course, F+F School for Art and Design, Zurich 2012-13: Studio grant, Kunming, China, 2010: Studio grant, BINZ39, Zurich
Recent exhibitions: 2012: THE CIRCULATING AGENT, solo, Contemporary Yunnan, Kunming, China, 2011: TOYS ARE US, solo, BolteLang, Zurich, Was nun?, solo, Photoforum Pasqu’Art, Biel, Harmonia & Concordia, solo, Next Level, London, Magical & Poetical Structures New Existentialism Part 4, curated by Alexandra Blättler, Kurator, Gebert Stiftung für Kultur, Rapperswil, 2009: Bau für Gegenart, winner ZKB art prize, Zurich


An artist book will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

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