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Photo: Paola Caputo

Anyway part of it

Kueng Caputo, Patrick Hari and Clémence Seilles
curated by Jeanette Apitz

20th January – 4th March 2017
Opening 19rd January, 6 – 8 pm

Asked by BolteLang to share her extensive knowledge in contemporary design, Jeanette Apitz, an experienced collector of editioned design, invited internationally recognized designers Kueng Caputo and Clémence Seilles, as well as fine artist Patrick Hari, who is part of the gallery’s roster, to collaborate on Anyway part of it.

The exhibition shows contemporary positions in both art and design and therewith aims to investigate the materiality and production process at the junction between the two disciplines and looks at how context informs the creative and conceptual approach. A common thread running through all practices is the reflection on material, a high level of craftsmanship, thoughtful execution and complexity  in creation, vision and a narrative approach.

The exhibition features a selection of commissioned one-of-a-kind pieces, site specific interventions, limited editions from previous series, sculptures and sound installations. It seeks to extend and to enrich the field of interdisciplinarity and collective culture as well as acts as a reminder that art and design can be imbedded with social responsibility.