Marion Baruch – In and Out

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Blauwald, 2016, fabric, four elements, dimensions variable

Eingang, In & Out, Up & Down, Durch und Durch
Marion Baruch
Proposed by Fanni Fetzer, curated by Noah Stolz
9th April – 14th May 2016

A tridimensional installation made of fabric shreds pervades the new spaces of the gallery like the scenery of an abstract world. The three rooms are arranged in a triptych-like manner. After quite a long period organising her new, relevant cycle of works into the form of a complex archive Marion Baruch’s world opens up into a colourful and vibrant installation. Well known in the past under the pseudonym Name Diffusion, Marion Baruch’s work underwent a radical change during the last decade due to the partial loss of her eyesight. The process of creating within these new limits, the artist rediscovered the importance of the basic elements of the art practice, like colours, contrasts and forms. A new dimension opened up slowly, with new points of reference and new priorities. An abstract world, strongly anchored to the idea of a dialog between two forces of the immaterial: space and memory. Previously Marion Baruch was working with politically charged topics, questioning processes of the industrial production, gender and rules in our society. With these new works she concentrates her efforts in a more condensed form. All works are made from the waste produced by the textile industry around Milan where the artist lives.

Eingang, In & Out , Up & Down, Durch und Durch, can be understood as a triptych. Each one of the three settings defines a different relation to space or a renewed attitude towards form. A changing image of an entrance is evoked in the title. An entrance itself is an open form and should be linked to an abstract condition of being. A condition which includes the idea of a parallel being, or actions like trespassing, passing trough, penetrating, opening up. Marion Baruch decided to title this exhibition Eingang in reference to the minimal piece The Door, a door always open for Kurt Schwitters, whose presence she felt very strongly.

Noah Stolz

Marion Baruch was born in 1929 in Timisoara, Romania, and lives and works in Gallarate, Italy. Upcoming and recent exhibitions include: solo show, invited by Christian Bernard, Le Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, group show, Turner Contemporary, Margate (2017), Sviluppo-Parallelo, curated by Noah Stolz, Kunstmuseum Luzern (2015), Marion Baruch, Teatro della Memoria, Teatro del Poplo, Universita del Melo, Gallarate (2015), Marion Baruch Sculpture Ambiente, MARS, Milan (2014), Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea, curated by Francesca Pasini, MAMBO, Bologna (2013), Lampi di memoria in Des histoires sans fin, curated by Nathalie Viot, MAMCO, Geneva (2013)