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Opening night Il Grande Female

Il Grande Female
Cristian Andersen, Vanessa Billy, Bianca Brunner, Athene Galiciadis, Patrick Hari, Kueng Caputo, Alexandra Navratil, Tanja Roscic, Loredana Sperini
8th June – 6th July 2019
Opening reception 7th June, 6 – 9 pm


This is to celebrate art, friendship, and almost twelve years of BolteLang!
This is to say thank you and goodbye!

We will end the wonderful adventure that is BolteLang the way we started it: with good friends.
From 8th June to 6th July 2019, a group of nine Zurich based artist, all friends of the gallery, will be shown to mark the final days of BolteLang. The exhibition opens Friday 7th June, 6 – 9 pm.

The artists participating are: Cristian Andersen, Vanessa Billy, Bianca Brunner, Athene Galiciadis, Patrick Hari, Kueng Caputo, Alexandra Navratil, Tanja Roscic, Loredana Sperini

We say goodbye with heavy hearts! But we are also overwhelmingly grateful for the last twelve years, during which we were able to show some of the most exciting artists of the present, meet amazing people and learn something new every day. With this last BolteLang exhibition we also want to say the first of many heartfelt thank yous to the artists we had the joy to work with over the years, some of you from the very first days. All of you were generous to let us into your worlds and we are thankful for that! Many have become close friends and we look forward to our future conversations and upcoming projects. Another huge thank you goes out to the collectors who shared our passion and continuously supported us! We cannot thank you enough and we hope to further deepen these treasured relationships. The same is true for all the curators, writers, fellow gallerists – our neighbours in particular, project partners, and art fairs we had the pleasure of working with. You enlarged our world and allowed us to be part of a larger discourse. Thank you! And we are grateful to our assistants, technicians, photographer, graphic designers, architects, accountant, and IT support – you made sure that we were able to run smoothly over all these years. You are all fantastic!

Last, but not least we want to thank each other. Working together was a huge gift and created a friendship neither of us would have ever imagined possible!

And now, viva, to new projects, to art and to friendship!

Anna & Chaja