Il Grande Female – Cristian Andersen, Vanessa Billy, Bianca Brunner, Athene Galiciadis, Patrick Hari, Kueng Caputo, Alexandra Navratil, Tanja Roscic, Loredana Sperini
Under the Buttercross – Benjamin Senior
A chair, projected – Dimitri Bähler, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Dimitri Broquard & Bastien Aubry, Athene Galiciadis, Benjamin Hirte, Daniel Jacoby, Kaspar Müller, Henning Strassburger, Studio Mieke Meijer, curated by Burkhard Meltzer

diese Ecke wurde als verloren aufgegeben – Patrick Hari
Mingle Mime – Cornelia Baltes
Cristian Andersen & Loredana Sperini
Revitalise – Anna Balint, Ralph Bürgin, Gerome Gadient, Manuel Köchli, Marie Matusz and Laura Mietrup, curated by Chus Martinez and Alexandra Navratil

Lento Violento – Talisa Lallai
Grafted Land – Alexandra Navratil
I shall wash your shadow – Athene Galiciadis & Ruby Sky Stiler
Yesterday’s Echoes – Bianca Brunner
Anyway part of it – Kueng Caputo, Patrick Hari and Clémence Seilles
curated by Jeanette Apitz

a moment in time – Christina Forrer, David Horvitz, Talisa Lallai, Alexandra Navratil
Hand, Select & Invert Layer – Daniel Gordon
all is porous – Vanessa Billy
Eingang, In & Out, Up & Down, Durch und Durch – Marion Baruch
The Primary Fondue Party  Claudia Comte
Sonic Geometry – Claudia Comte

Sixteen Works  Daniel Gustav Cramer
Dirt Club – Henning Strassburger
The Upset – Benjamin Senior
The Pleasant Shore – Talisa Lallai
Reliability of Recognition – Claudia Comte, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Matthias Dornfeld, Jonathan Gardner, Dagmar Heppner, Raffi Kalenderian, Sam Porritt, Benjamin Senior, Jesse Wine
The Feeling Of Things – Bianca Brunner

Plunge / Soar – Alexandra Navratil
like a virgin – Athene Galiciadis
BolteLang Stadtbiotop 2014 – Vanessa Billy, Bianca Brunner, Claudia Comte, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Athene Galiciadis, Patrick Hari, Dagmar Heppner, Charlotte Herzig, Alexandra Navratil, Benjamin Senior and Jill Spector
Charlotte Herzig, Tobias Spichtig, Henning Strassburger
Tell Me What I See, When I Look Into Your Eyes – curated by Caroline Lommaert and Nicola Ruffo
Jantar Mantar SEVERAL-RING-CIRCUS – Patrick Hari

Clean Cold Fire – Vanessa Billy
Nils Bleibtreu, Athene Galiciadis & Thomas Raat
If I were a rabbit, where would I keep my gloves?Claudia Comte
– Alistair Frost
Fiction – Dagmar Heppner

Tried and Failed – David Ostrowski
Trouble Rainbow III
– Claudia Comte, Athene Galiciadis and Mélodie Mousset
Artifice  Benjamin Senior
Dawn has broken – Bianca Brunner
Jonathan Binet, Lydia Gifford & David Ostrowski

TOYS ARE US – Patrick Hari
Not Taught – Vanessa Billy
Thirteen works – Daniel Gustav Cramer
Other-Directed – Alice Channer
Stories being told – Dorota Jurczak, Peter Linde Busk and Ryan Mosely
Session _15_Press Release, curated by FormContent with Annie Davey, Diego Marcon, Sophie Nys and Amalia Pica

What sticks – Vanessa Billy, Daniel Gustav Cramer & Georg Gatsas
St. Helena / Reichtümer aus den Tiefen der Berge – Florian Germann
Presents, Presense, Presenxse – Jill Spector
Stuff – Alice Nikitinova
Alice Channer, Dagmar Heppner, Alicja Kwade & Maria Zahle

Studio Voltaire presents: – Laura Aldridge, Peter Linde Busk, Joel Croxson, Alistair Frost, Gabriel Hartley, Erika Verzutti and Sam Windett
BolteLang Berlin: d.h. – Dagmar Heppner
stream river lake river stream – Vanessa Billy
Minus zero – Swantje Hielscher
Der Werwolf von Wien – Florian Germann
Haris Epaminonda & Daniel Gustav Cramer

EVALukas Wassmann
In The Saddle – Matthew Harrison & It’s Not You, It’s Me – The Hut Project
Life is Fragile – Paul Cherwick, Christina Forrer, Tif Sigfrids & Mark von Schlegell
2 – Swantje Hielscher & Trojan Horse – Kristoffer Akselbo
Empty Centres – Vanessa Billy & Pamela Rosenkranz