VB – collection show

Collection Show, group exhibition with Vanessa Billy, PS8, California College of the Arts,
San Fransisco, USA, 
7th September – 29th September 2017

VB – le charme indiscret

Le Charme Indiscret, Vanessa Billy with Jan Kiefer, Gina Folly and Francisco Sierra, Kunstraum Riehen, Basel, Switzerland, 30th September – 05th November 2017

VB – La Ruche et la Valise

La Ruche et la Valise, group exhibition with Vanessa Billy, Villa Bernasconi,
Geneva, Switzerland, 16th September – 19th November 2017

Talisa Lallai – Nathalie Halgand

Time is the longest distance, Talisa Lallai & Markus Saile, Nathalie Halgand, Vienna, AT
24th November 2017 – 13th January 2018